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Welcome to Salzburg!
You’re planning a stay in Salzburg, for business or pleasure and  looking for this purpose a furnished apartment?
  Then you are exactly right with us! ·  Wether business, a family visit or a relaxing holyday, that all you can enjoy because of the optimum position of us.    The birthplace of W. A. Mozart, the lakes from the “Salzkammergut” region and the “Hohe Tauern” (austrian Alps) are near. ·  Salzburg offers a unique range of summer and winter activities for all age groups. Wether skiing, hiking, swimming, cycling    or relax, everything is within a few minutes accessible. ·  Nearby you’ll find a grocery and a drugstore. Restaurants, inns, a bakery and a butcher you reach in 10 minutes. ·  For bike path next to the river Salzach towards Hallein (6 miles) or towards Salzburg (3 miles) 200 yards.    You have a wonderful cycling experience along the river Salzach. ·  Enjoy the walk from the apartment to “Vollererhof”, to the dry ravins, to “Erentrudisalm”, to “Fageralm” (mountain meadow    with hut), to the canyon of “Glasenbach”, or on the mountain “Gaisberg“. ·  The city of Salzburg is by bus or by car few minutes away.     Information on other attractions klick “Attractions”. For further questions use the contact form .
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